Sunday, December 29, 2013

Momentz Cakes and Chocolates- Creating memorable moments since its inception

I love video games and I’m a proud owner of SONY PlayStation 3. On 6th of May this year, my friends decided to throw a surprise birthday party for me. Momentz Cakes and Chocolates played a significant role here as they prepared this delicious cake. The cake didn’t just look awesome, it tasted exceptionally well. Maybe it was my birthday and I was on cloud 9, so I loved every bit about it. The cake wasn’t too sweet nor was it too soft or hard. It was just perfect.

So on my best friend’s birthday a week back, we again asked Moment Cakes to prepare something special. They, as usual, didn’t disappoint. This time around we experimented with 22 cupcakes (my friend turned 22) instead of a traditional cake. The cupcakes were so delicious that even Cyrus Broacha & Kunal Vijaykar (who were also present at All Stir Fry that night) were eyeing them with greed.

I believe special occasions are made more memorable with personalized cakes. I love Celejor, Merwans and other cake shops but I prefer Momentz Cakes and Chocolates for special occasions.

If interested, kindly go to the following link and let Momentz Cakes and Chocolates help you in creating memorable moments:


Aayesha Hakim said...

The cakes look yum :P
Congrats for winning the video game :D

Rafaa Dalvi said...

I didn't win a video game. I bought it :)

Dev said...

Nice post,
I like those Chocolates. It looks very tempting and delicious.
Really mouth watering...;-)

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