Friday, January 3, 2014

Vote For India- Be The Change

With the 2014 Indian General Elections looming around the corner, it was inevitable that the social media would end up watching the progress of different political parties with keen interest. In recent years, despite the high turnout of voters, a vast majority of the citizens still exist who show a callous attitude towards voting. Numerous arguments are presented by both the voters and the non-voters when confronted regarding their stand. But a third category of citizens also exist- the ignoramus mass. 
The ignoramus masses aren’t bound to a particular age group and they’re the root cause for the slow social and economic progress of our nation. But with the advent of social media, this can be changed drastically. By targeting the youth, one can motivate them to do the needful for the motherland and cast their votes.
Numerous social apps and widgets can be used to encourage voting. 11 such mobile apps are as follows:

1. Angry Citizens
A new version of the Angry Birds saga where the citizens get the opportunity to throw dung at the politicians. With higher levels, the politicians turn sneakier and are able to dodge the dung bombs thus implying that the deeper one gets into politics, the more vicious the cycle becomes. This game which would feed on the nation’s rage and in turn motivate them to hit the booths.

2. Vote Bank
An app which is run by the spokespersons of different political parties wherein they get an opportunity to campaign and ride on their past laurels, discuss their upcoming events and try to garner more votes for their respective parties.

3. Track Your Celeb
An app for the die-hard-fans of the numerous Bollywood & Idiot Box stars along and the cricket maniacs where they can learn about the political inclination of their favorite celebs. The celebrities can motivate the youth by explaining the importance of elections & their role in it.

4. Party Trooper
An app which allows the youth to join political parties by filling a form and uploading scanned copies of their original documents and become entitled to attend rallies and market their newly joined political party. The volunteers can keep a track of the numerous rallies and plan their calendar accordingly.

5. Nation Gets The Answer
An app where people can select their zones and drop in questions. Every day, the top three questions will be shortlisted on the basis of votes and candidates of the various zones will be entitled to answer the questions. This will also enable the people to unanimously find the best candidate in their zone.

6. Pandemonium
An app where the viewers can stream various debates and videos related to the General Elections India 2014 and try to bring order from chaos. The youth of our nation will get first-hand experience as to how our politicians combust when they’re faced with unstable circumstances thus creating a mockery of governance.

7. Crazy Politicians
A new version of Crazy Ants where the players get the opportunity to crush numerous politicians with their fingers. This is mainly aimed at the daily commuters of the local trains by providing them an alternative to vent their frustrations. People would realize the only way this can change is by voting for appropriate candidates and bring about a change. The only way one can change the system is by being in the system.

8. Know Thy Neighbor
 An app where people can find the voters of previous elections in the neighborhood and learn about the experience of the veterans thereby encouraging them to vote.

9. iPledge
 An app where people may pledge to vote, share opinions & photos and influence their friends, colleagues & family to vote. This app will also have a widget which would show a countdown till the D Day. Finally, with every passing hour, Gollum would appear on the screen and keep screaming ‘Master broke his promise’ till the user hasn’t fulfilled his/her pledge.

10. Where Art Thou?
An app to notify people about the different voting booths present in the city and the shortest route the reach there thereby increasing the chances of a high turnout.

11. Votepedia

An app where the history of all the politicians and the candidates can be found thus enabling the voters to do a background check on all of them beforehand and cast their votes wisely. 
Hopefully some of these imaginary apps would come into existence and in turn, motivate the youth thus bringing about a welcome change in the cabinet.


Namrota said...

Hehe... angry birds... true :)

good one there Rafaa.. all the best :)

Aayesha Hakim said...

a creative post! :)

vaisakhi said...

very creative...i didnt even know half the real life apps you listed of luck rafaa for the conest...:)

Rafaa Dalvi said...

Thank you Namrota. Angry Citizens :P

Rafaa Dalvi said...

Well Aayesha, I'm not among those to write serious posts so I try to rely on writin different from others :)

Rafaa Dalvi said...

Vaisakhi, I doubt even one of 'em exists :P

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