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Chapter 19: New World Order

A tale from one of the members of Team Supernova

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Sarit Ray’s voice bellowed in the empty cabin on the 23rd floor of the Indiabulls Finance Centre as he pulled his hair in anger and frustration. It had been over a fortnight since his team had managed to get exclusive news. This didn’t bode well with his boss, who blamed him for the incompetency of his team. Tara, his go-to person in such situations, hadn’t contacted him since morning, and her phone was also unavailable.

Sarit felt naked without Tara. He didn’t feel like leaving his office. Picking up his phone, Sarit dialed a number.

‘Banerjee. My office in two.’

Sanchayan Banerjee, a tall guy with a frail body, entered Sarit’s office. His breathing was shallow. Clearly he had run all the way from his workplace till here, upon his boss’s beckoning.

Sarit was in no mood to acknowledge Sanchayan’s dedication towards his work. Instead, he decided to give Sanchayan a piece of his mind.

‘How did the interview with that slimy pervert Mathur go? Did he answer your questions or was he being a dodge ball?’

Sanchayan shifted his weight from one leg to another uncomfortably.

‘Answers. I need some bloody answers Banerjee.’

‘Sarit, Mathur had an early meeting with the home minister. So he postponed the interview. But I was able to interview his assistant regarding Mathur’s stance on anti-feminism.’

‘I was born at night but it wasn’t last night. You think you can bullshit me? You had been given one simple job and you managed to fuck that up as well. What am I supposed to do for tomorrow’s cover story now?’

‘Sarit, Mathur’s assistant did say something interesting- “Here is one thing that will never be equal. If a woman asks a stranger in a bar or street for sex, the success rate is 50-90 % but if a man does, the success rate hovers around 5 %. If the system is set up for men, how come it’s harder for men to get laid than it is for women? I thought women wanted equality? Now they want enlightenment as well? Do they also want men who can make a great cocktail, recite a Rachmaninov piece and do the full Kamasutra?” How is this for your cover story tomorrow?’

‘Did Mathur’s assistant really mention Rachmaninov? You have an explosive story with you. I need you to write it and proof-read it twice before sending it to me. Leave.’

At the stroke of midnight, there was a knock on Sarit’s door.

‘That was fast. Come on in, Banerjee,’ barked Sarit. ‘For your sake, I hope you better not have fucked up this time.’

The watchman entered the cabin with a package.

‘Sir, this box arrived for you right now.’

Sarit eyed the package, which was labeled “Private and Confidential”, with curiosity.

‘You may close the door on your way out.’

Sarit ripped open the package. It contained a file, a notebook and a letter. Sarit picked the letter.


Every day I contact the courier guy and if I fail to do so, he has been given instructions to deliver this package to you. Since you’re reading this letter, it means either I’m dead or my family is in grave danger and we’ve gone underground.

I’ve been researching a group of hackers that goes by the name of XOMBIE. Perhaps you haven’t heard of XOMBIE but you’re no stranger to the crimes that they’ve been able to successfully pull off.

Their first major heist was shutting down Tokyo which resulted in the cancellation of share orders worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. They embarrassed Japan. This was at a time when Japan openly condemned India for the labour problems faced by the Japanese companies like Suzuki and Honda in India.

Nobody can forget their second attack wherein they hacked into the Swiss Banks and collected the details of all the account holders. This was at a time when Switzerland had refused to share the list of Indians, suspected to have stashed unaccounted black money in Swiss banks, with the Indian government.

The last major XOMBIE attack was on USA when they took control of the Lockheed Martin satellites. And coincidentally this had happened when India objected to the US spy satellites which were meant to track nefarious activities in the Asian subcontinent.

All these attacks lead to one conclusion only- XOMBIE is a group of Indian hackers who are either too patriotic or working for the Indian government.

I began to actively use TOR to track XOMBIE’s moves in the last few months.

TOR is short for The Onion Router and it enables people to browse the internet anonymously.

The TOR network disguises your identity by moving your traffic across different TOR servers, and encrypting the traffic so that it isn't traced back to you. Anyone who tries would see traffic coming from random nodes on the TOR network, rather than your computer.

You just need to download the TOR browser to access the network. Everything you do in the browser goes through the TOR network and doesn't need any setup or configuration from you. That said, since your data goes through a lot of relays, so you'll experience a much more sluggish internet than usual when you're using TOR.

The TOR Library is full of interesting and hard to find stuffs ranging from conspectus files to manuals to pretty much everything else.

It was while browsing in the TOR network that I first read about The Kingmaker. The Kingmaker is supposedly the best hacker alive today and the leader of XOMBIE. He was able to bring together hackers from different nations to work under him. What intrigued me was the mention of Kingmaker in the numerous illegal websites like those of gambling, recreational drugs and child pornography.

The Kingmaker is a smart guy who has hired hackers from all around the world and can create havoc worldwide. The only mistake that the Kingmaker made was inadvertently revealing his identity. We now know that he is an Indian who has a vendetta against the countries that consider India to be inferior to them. Though he has not been known to get himself into conflicts, the latest rumor in the TOR message boards was that the Kingmaker was planning to bring about a sinister New World Order.

The notebook contains all my findings on XOMBIE and the Kingmaker. It also contains the detailed reports of all the XOMBIE attacks and their consequences. That’s not all. The file contains the identities of all the Indian hackers, living and dead.

Sarit, you’ve always known me to be a thorough professional who does her research, and believes only in facts and not rumors. Trust me, something big is going down and the whole world as we know may end, if nothing is done to stop XOMBIE.

Sarit, you’re the only person I rely on; I’m counting on you to do what needs to be done.


Sarit read the letter once again. After going through Tara’s notebook and file, he picked the telephone receiver.

‘Banerjee, we have explosive Breaking News. My office in two.’

Sarit, in his excitement, failed to notice the red dot that had traced a path from his heart to his forehead.

By the time, Sanchayan entered Sarit’s cabin, the wind was howling against the open curtains and Sarit lay dead with his brains splattered on the cleared out table.

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