Saturday, January 30, 2016

It is sensational, him and her.

It is sensational, him and her. And he likes it this way.

The very first thing he noticed about her was her love for chocolates. She had chocolate paste on her toast every morning, ate chocolate ice creams and drank chocolate milkshake. The very first time they kissed, he expected her to taste like chocolate but she didn't. Instead, she tasted like herself. It was different and a combination of more flavours and feelings than he could ever attempt to name. It was then he realised that she will be the hardest person he would have to figure out, but she will also be the only person he would put the effort in for.

She is a pretty crier. There is something poetic about her vulnerability, something intoxicating in her hazel brown eyes. He loves that.

She is rarely shy. So rarely, in fact, that he counts the instances on his fingers. She has the world at her disposal. Girls like her have no need to blush and stumble over their words or cast their eyes downward. But sometimes when he looks at her in a certain way he can see the blood rush up, colouring her cheeks red. He loves it most when she wears one of his shirts with the first few buttons undone and he can see the way his gaze can change every inch of her skin. He can't deny the fact that he loves having this effect on her.

As he got to know her even better, he learnt that she loved Biolage Matrix shampoo and he grew to associate it with her. He loves the way it invades his nostrils when he kisses her cheeks and neck.

He loves it when she holds his hand and leans on him as they roam around. He loves the way her hair glows in the moonlight and the way she can match his smirk with one of her own.

She has a million moves that can make men and boys go weak in their knees in an instant. She is a goddess and everything about her just begs to be fallen in love with.

The breeziest day he could remember, they went to a beach. Glowing in the sunlight, she hugged him tightly and was playfully teasing him about his self obsessed daydreams when out of the blue, she quietly but confidently said, I love you.

It was at this exact moment that all possibilities of conversation died. He was rendered speechless and could only look at her. After maybe a lifetime, when he tried to speak, she interrupted him, rambling about how she was sorry to have caught him off guard and how she just couldn't hold it in any longer and he doesn't have to say anything back because it's a hard thing to say.

He cut her off with a slow but steady I love you too and enjoyed the way redness crept into her cheeks as she bit her lower lip shyly and he passionately kissed her.

It is sensational, him and her. And he likes it this way.

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