Sunday, February 24, 2013



Pitch black darkness.

Except for a circle of blinding light in the middle of the room. And at the center of illumination a man, chained to a platform, with electrodes all over his body.

He is naked. Stripped off all clothes.

He has 'The Fringe' haircut.

The silence is shattered by the steps of heavy boots as a figure steps into the light from out of the shadows. Dressed in a black cloak, he leans forward and smiles at the prisoner.

“Good evening. You can call me The Shadow. And you are looking at your downfall.”

The prisoner looks up and can see anger and hate in the eyes of his captor.

Holding up a newspaper The Shadow reads:

If you are sick and tired of watching Justin Bieber all over the place, then beware you are suffering from Bieber Fever.
So get set to learn music form the Justin Bieber School of Music, wear your love for him by buying dresses from his clothing line, get a recording deal under his music label, spend quality time with your close ones at his chain of restaurants and pit your talent against others in his reality shows.

“Justin Bieber as a brand is a 'cute and talented' person and wants to work hard and continue to do so,” Bieber said.

His fashion label, designed along the lines of his songs, kicks off with T-shirts that will hit the local stores soon.

Bieber will also starting his own line of salons whose branches will be opened in all the major countries.

The Shadow stares straight into the eyes of his captive.

“So Bieber, why don’t you start by telling me about this Bieber Fever— this huge conspiracy to corrupt the youth of the world? You think I don't know that when a man or a woman buys a Bieber T shirt, they actually sell away their souls to you? You think I am unaware that you are trying to start a new cult? That these so-called Schools of Music are nothing but devious churches whose only job is to preach that there is only one true saviour- the 'cute and talented' Justin Bieber? What were you going to call your followers? Your Biebs?

85th Annual Academy Awards (OSCARS 2013) Predictions

85th Annual Academy Awards (OSCAR 2013) Predictions

So in less than 24 hours, the 85th Annual Academy Awards will take place and all the built-up mystery and goosebumps will be over. Every year I predict the OSCAR winners and I always get the best supporting actor right. But this time around, the competition has been very difficult and I’m actually glad to have seen such wonderful performances this year. ‘Argo’ and ‘ZDT’ got the OSCAR snub in the directorial category but, then again, they still are major contenders for the most prestigious ‘Best Picture’ category. Last two years have seen ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘The Artist’ winning the Best Picture award but this time around it might finally be the year when a box office favorite wins the acclaimed award.