Sunday, June 14, 2015

7 Must DONTs for Men when with a Woman

1. Don't crowd a woman too much in the beginning. She'll consider this as neediness. Just let her become comfortable around you.

2. Don't say negative stuff about your ex-girlfriends. She'll think you're insecure.

3. Don't have an emotional response to everything. If you get upset about things easily, she'll think you're insecure.

4. Don't look to her to make decisions. She likes it when you make decisions and go with it. If you're always asking her what she wants to do, you'll come of as a boy, not a man. If she wants something different, she'll let you know.

5. Don't say or do stuff just to get attention. She'll think you're insecure. If you're cool, she'll figure it out herself.

6. Don't argue often. By being overly argumentative, you're hampering your sex life. Argue in a funny way, not in a serious way.

7. Don't be a YES man. Have mature boundaries. The best answer to a woman is NO. Use your energy only when you're in a win-win situation. The only direct answer you can give her is a NO. It keeps your masculine identity and self-esteem alive.

Friday, June 12, 2015

7 Must DOs for Men before going on a date

1. Your nails should be short, clean and neat.

2. Nose, ear hairs and bushy pubic hairs are a no-no.

3. Your teeth should be clean. Use a tongue scraper and a mouthwash.

4. Wash your body completely thrice before the date. Body odours don't come off easily.

5. Use a good deodorant.

6. Your shoes and socks should be ultra clean. Foot odour is not permitted.

7. Use a good perfume. Don't OVER-do it. No perfume is better than a lot of perfume. Just one or two squirts an hour before the date is best.

Women often notice these details and conclude that you handle everything else in the same manner.