Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dumb Girls

Michelle and Samantha were two nineteen year old girls on an adventure to Europe, first stop, Paris.
They landed in the main international airport and were shocked at how clean the airport was. As soon as they stepped into arrivals, they were bombarded with locals providing taxi services, trips around the country, the list was endless. But it was the trips that caught their attention. They wanted to see as much as possible inside the three weeks they had.
Michelle headed for a guy holding up a “trips see everything!” sign. He looked dark, sultry and confident, just Michelle's type.
‘Are you looking for adventure ladies? Cheap trips for beautiful ladies,’ he said and stared at 'em admiringly.
‘Let me handle this,’ Samantha whispered to Michelle.
‘Hi dude,’ Samantha returned. Her smile wavered as his piercing black eyes looked at 'em up and down, like a human x-ray.
‘Welcome to Paris.’  Samantha looked at him and he continued to speak enthusiastically ‘What do you think ladies, do you want to have the time of your lives?'. He gave 'em a wink.
Samantha looked over at Michelle who had a dreamy dazed look in her eyes. Samantha had a good feeling about this guy and wanted to go right at him then and there.
He looked extremely comfortable and had this amazing smile plastered to his face, the two didn’t seem to match.
‘Let me escort you to your hotel ladies,’ he offered. He picked up the luggage and started walking towards the car park. Samantha walked close behind him to get a look at his caboose. She was relieved at what she saw.