Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2011

As we are almost in 2012 and past 2011, I will list my top ten movies of Bollywood.

10. Rockstar

Rockstar is one of those movies that start with vibrant air around it but slowly and sadly fizzles into a self-indulgent drag. The movie begins with high adrenaline and then loses soul somewhere in the middle and drags the story for nothing in the end. Too much negativity in the movie for no justifiable
reason. I expected some rebellion from a movie where the lead character is supposed to be a Rockstar. Unfortunately there was no Che Guavera moment. Storyline is icy thin and highly predictable. Narrative fails to grip the audience & movie leans on some cheesy dialogue for grabbing attention. reason.
Imtiaz Ali understands the love stories to the core but this time he makes two mistakes: first he casts Nargis who need acting lessons and second he allows his indulgence to allow movie to go for extra half an hour. Don't start thinking, that you should avoid this movie. Imtiaz gives his golden touch to first half of the movie and plays the master stroke by casting Ranbir Kapoor as the central protagonist.
Coming to the acting department, Ranbir Kapoor shows us his versatility by portraying the role of Janardhan Jhakad (JJ) aka Jordan. His performance is commendable. He effortlessly pulls off the innocent and naïve Janardhan and the attitude man Jordan. The film deals with the transition of an aspiring artist who idolizes Jim Morrison into a famous rockstar. You might expect this movie to be a conventional love-story but this it is not. An artist's life reflects in his music and this has been captured efficiently in this movie. I was expecting the role to be explored from different angles like drugs,abuse etc but love was the only element used. A bit dejected but this element along with the catalyst Jordan rocked the movie. But above all, this movie belongs to Ranbir Kapoor who gives more than a riveting performance. As J.J he is lovable and as Jordan he is irresistible. He makes you feel the pain of being in love in every scene he is in. The image and persona of a rock star fit Ranbir perfectly and he pulled off the attitude and music in style. I hope he wins the Best Actor for his performance. Nargis had a horrific debut. Shammi Kapoor was ok. After Ranbir, it was Piyush Mishra who was amazing in his short role.
The saving grace of the movie is without a doubt is its Music. A.R. Rahman has done a commendable job and you are left with a number tunes stuck in your head. Mohit chauhan has done a great great job as voice of RK. Rahman's rocking music and Mohit's golden voice are the integral parts of the story and help the movie whenever direction and editing falters. The movie is packed with witty dialogues and soulful moments. Far from perfect piece of cinema, this is one of the most poignant piece of bollywood cinema. Go and experience the Rockstar from the hands of Imtiaz Ali who keeps on exploring the different dimensions of love. Conventional stereotypical movie-goers who prefer lovey-dovey stories will find this movie a bit unconventional. For the rest this movie is an
absolute treat.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

All my joy goes out to you today
I am thankful the Almighty sent you my way.
Together there is nothing we cannot do
And this day is another oppurtunity to say 'I Love You'.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Honeysweetdimples!!

Today we mark our first year together
I'm glad to always have you near.
Its been a year since 'You' and 'I' became 'We'
And all I wanna say is Happy Anniversary, Honey.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Ronit near Bhangarh, Rajasthan. There were many haunted stories about Bhangarh and nobody dared to stay after sunset. Many people said that ghosts lived in the forests of Bhangarh. Rumor had it that many kids died when they were born because Bhangarh was cursed. Ronit didn't believe in such rumors. But ultimately he would.

Ronit was of average appearance, having pitch black hair and blue eyes. He was 5 foot 7 and he loved to read ghost stories. His entire room was decorated with demonic objects, demonic bed sheets and many demonic & satanic books. He often wished that he was a powerful demon & could get rid of his bullies who made his life a living hell.

One regular day at school, Ronit’s bullies was running after him, calling him a freak of nature who loved demons so much. The bullies cornered him on the borders of Bhangarh Woods. Ronit was so scared that he ran inside the dark scary woods. But the bullies were too scared to go after him and left, leaving Ronit to his fate.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Journey of a Suicidal Person

"We line up with our backs against the wall, heads down, frozen to the spot. We wear only our panties. Our customers walk up and down the line – tap one of us on the shoulder – ‘You come with me’. They take me to a hotel room and tell me that I have fifteen minutes to clean myself and get ready. I then lie on the bed waiting for them.
They all have one hour to spend with me but most of them just come in, rape me and leave. I shower for the next customer and wait. Sometimes, I am forced to have sex with up to 20 men one after the other. By the end, I get so sore that I have to put an ice pack between my legs because it hurts so much. I've been held captive for more than three years, tried to escape numerous times but always got caught and I have been subjected to brutal beatings and torture. I've been injected with cocaine, abused, raped and sodomized. I often dreamt of the police breaking down the doors and rescuing me. Now, I'm tired of fighting back. I know that nobody is going to help me and I've accepted my fate."

"Excellent, your story always makes it work." He looked down and smirked. "Now, be a doll and bend down for me."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Hard Goodbye... Really?

[This is the epilogue of the story from Sin City 'The Hard Goodbye'. In my opinion, Marv is the utlimate badass I've ever seen. I couldn't deal with the fact that he died in the end. So lets see if death actually made a difference or did things just became better.]


The first thing Marv felt upon reaching consciousness were blasts of warm air against his face. Very warm.

The heat began to rise, and for the first time in what felt like centuries his eyes opened.

"What the fuck!" Marv saw miles and endless miles of flames, burning piles of human bodies, and demons.

"You're in Hell, Marv!" said a bellowing voice, emanating from a place he could not see.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I am Lucifer - Lord of the Dark Realm, Prince of Evil, Master of this Eternal Prison. I am your ruler now - your SOUL BELONGS TO ME! You were killed today, Marv, and now you will suffer here for all of time."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2010

As we are in 2011 and past 2010, I will list my top ten movies of Bollywood.

10. Aakrosh

Priyadarshan made a movie on a serious issue after a long time ann boy, I must say I was very impressed. This is Bollywood's first movie tackling the issue of 'Honour Killing' and its quite an entertaining movie. You witness 140 minutes of pure suspense and thrill as the movie unfolds. Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna as the two CBI officers searching for three missing medical students have done a commendable job. Paresh Rawal as usual shines as the bad guy and gives the best performance in the entire movie. A pretty good job by the entire cast.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It is sensational, him and her