Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around

'Look your enemies straight in their eyes. Let fear overcome them. Let them know that death is near. Oh yeah, if they keep staring at you, gouge out their eyeballs and eat them. Then fuck them. And once you are done fucking them, fuck them some more. Let everyone know that we are the shit. A shattered world is what they will get when they mess with us. Just make sure you lot save your assholes from them unless you want your anal cherry popped. Tonight we get revenge. Tonight we finish what I started years back. Tonight we kick the fucking invaders out of our land. Tonight 'The Partisans' shall taste the ultimate victory.' Rannvijay, the leader of The Partisans, wraps up his speech and heads into his tent.

Partisan #1: Man, that was some speech by RV. Can you feel the blood flowing in your veins? I feel as if I snorted a whole kg of blow into my nose. Im psyched.

Partisan #2: What a speech. If I liked cock, RV and I could be something.

Partisan #1: Stop it, you despo. I don’t get it. You’re a good looking guy, you could get girls. Once we are victorious, you can have any piece of ass you desire.

Partisan #2: I wonder what made RV so determined and cruel. You know every person is born with emotions. Only when your life goes through turmoil, your emotions go for a toss and you become less human.

An old partisan joins them.

Old Partisan: Well, I have been with Rannvijay since he started this rebellion against the invaders. I remember him as a kid. Always playing and messing with the other children. He was a naughty kid. But things can't always go your way. It hurts me to see what has become of him.

People start to crowd and urge the old partisan to tell them the entire incident.

The partisan takes his time and sits in a cross legged manner facing his younger companions. He lights a pipe and then starts telling them the true story of Rannvijay's past.