Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy B'day Sweetheart

From the first day I saw you,
There was a kind of attraction.
From the time we held hands,
The touch of your fingers, exhilaration.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


11 Years Later...

"Did you put the kids to bed? Oh oh ok, you are out with your saheliyaan. I am sorry I will do it when I get home” Arbaaz whispered to his wife on the cell phone.
But not hushed enough because we all heard it.

Atul yelled ”Dude, kya yaar. Are you a man or a mouse? Why are you scared of your wife? You are pathetic”.

Atul- The Macho Man. He never tires of saying how much fitter and stronger he has become ever since he came to Las Vegas where he has been pumping iron, gulping protein shakes, and scoring with ladies left and right (that of course is what he claims).

He continued: And that’s why I never want to get married. Why buy the entire bar when you just want a drink? Look at Arbaaz. His wife is pregnant and looking at his paunch it seems he is carrying the baby. Well at least he is here most of the other married men did not even show up. What’s their problem. Do they think we are going to hit on their wives?”

Abdul whispered “I am sure you would try given half a chance. The fact is that wives distance men from their friends. It’s their way of keeping control. Soon it’s only the wife’s friends and relatives who you call your own.”

Abdul- The philosopher, inveterate smoker and needless to say a bachelor for life. He was stretched out on the carpet, looking at the ceiling and puffing wisps of frustration into the air.