Sunday, August 25, 2013


“Sadaf, what's Ylang Ylang?"

Sadaf glanced up from the test papers that she had been correcting and saw her younger sister who looked confused sitting on the rocky chair.

Zoya was twenty three years old and had lost her eyesight a year back. It had taken her few months to fully cope with the blindness and get on with her life. Sadaf had given Zoya refuge in her home when her fiancé broke up their engagement.

"Ylang Ylang? It's a perfume tree valued for its fragrance."

Zoya seemed to think about this for a moment. "Oh. What does it smell like?"

"It smells like..."

Sadaf brushed a kiss over her cheek, closing her eyes for a moment as a flowery scent wafted over her.

"Ylang Ylang?" Sadaf asked, stroking her soft hair, the source of the fragrance. It must be her shampoo.

She nodded.


She blinked, having momentarily forgotten that her sister was still there.

"I'm sorry. You asked about Ylang Ylang, right?"

"Yes. What does it smell like? Jasmine? Rose? Lily?" Zoya asked.

"It smells really nice. Not exactly like any other flower. It's different."

"What do you mean by different?" Zoya asked.