Friday, May 11, 2012

A Good Day Gone Bad

My name is Ibrahim Khan. This was the start of it all, the end of my career, the end of my life. It was just another day of my life. Sometimes, life gets boring. Same story every day. It’s a nightmare. The day started as usual with the alarm clock ringing annoyingly. I got up. As a matter of fact, I sprang back to life to live my nightmare for yet another day. I have to keep going. I have expectations. I have these high goals that I have set for myself. I have to be among the elite club of the society. I need appreciation for the work I do. And I demand respect for the person I have become. I try to grab the cornflakes that is at the top of the cupboard. I'm just able to touch my fingers when I lose my balance and fall down. Well as they say, sometimes the goals you set for yourself can be too high and trying too hard to reach them can be dangerous. However, in the end, what matters is the result.

I manage to get the box of cornflakes, with a bleeding nose, only to find it empty. Ah, this is life. The power of getting up after failures is what make you a real survivor. I see a note on the fridge which reads: "We are out of cornflakes, honey. Buy some when you get home. You are in for a surprise, sweetheart. Love you always. xoxo." I have orange juice. Lock the door behind me. I walk down the street, with my bandaged nose and greet the neighbours who politely wave back. Same story everyday. Same faces everyday. I reach the bus stop. I see the Same old lady with her dog. She politely smiles at me and I smile back. Same routine
everyday. It's like a godamned movie. Only I have seen it a hundred times before and know exactly evry second of it. And this is boring. Very boring indeed. But this is my life. This is the life I've been living for years now. And now would be a very inappropriate time to complain as I'm about to recieve a promotion which would make me the Senior Managing Director of my company.