Saturday, September 19, 2015

Writer's Block

The story of every cigarette

You guard me as a treasure, once I'm lit,
Hit after hit, you die a little bit.

Happy, upset, horny or bored, I'm everything you have ever desired,
No care in the world, as long as you have me acquired.

Of all the butts you've kissed so far,
You'll never forget me, your elixir.

Fulfilling your addiction, satisfying your crave,
Never making you repent, just pulling you closer to your grave.

Micro Tales

Gambler’s Conceit
Vowing to quit gambling if he won, the gambler looked on, elated, as his pick beat the odds 80/1. Alas! He at once died of a cardiac arrest.

Role Reversal
He was busy cooking while she lit the last cigarette.
The viewers stared at the alluring painting; unable to comprehend the role reversal.

Till Death Do Us Part
She kissed his cheek as he smiled back. Nothing had changed much since two decades.
Her husband called her.
She hid the photo in the closet.

Bulls Eye
Her boss was straight ahead. She pressed the gun’s trigger. The bullet hit the target. No blood. Soon it won't be just a dummy with a hole.

Breaking Stereotypes
She threw the lit match at the pile of money and joined me in bed as I strained against the handcuffs.
She did love me more than my money.

He writes code in his workstation. He's tired of his life, just like his colleagues.
Soon he'll liberate them with the thing in his pockets.

Fake Advertising
Tired of paying money for fake advertisements? We will GET BACK AT THEM for you. Completely anonymous. Service guaranteed for Rs 420/- only.

The one-year-old baby screamed loudly as the man held her.
Her parents stared helplessly at her tears while he advanced to pierce her ears.

Time for Celebration
Valentines Day. Left office early. Found you in the Jacuzzi.
Observed the half- eaten strawberries and the two wine glasses, already empty.

Mother's Love
The old age home attendants find her waiting for her son daily.
They smile knowing the Alzheimer erased the memory of her son deserting her.

Such is Life
Woke in a maze. Alone. Met people along the way. Slowly I wiggled my way out of the maze. Exhausted but free I fell asleep.
Woke in a maze.

Rest in Piece
I'm at peace. Clutching her hand, I intertwine my fingers with hers. It fits like a jigsaw puzzle. I put it with the rest, in the freezer

Monday Blues
"I can't work on Mondays. I'm boycotting them." I informed my boss.
The word spread worldwide. Nobody came to work.
Now I hate Tuesdays

Birthday Special
Today is special. It's her birthday. I'll take her out and reminisce about old times. Then like every year, I'll return her to her coffin

Doctor Doctor
'We were inseparable once. What changed?' The doctor asked his indifferent wife.
Little did he know she'd started eating an apple a day.

The One (His version)
Elegant neck, big bosoms, ample hips and huge bottom. He had finally found her. She was perfect. She was the one. His first human meat pie.

The One (Her version)
The moment she saw him, time froze. She had finally found him. He was perfect. He was the one. Her first prey.

Cast Away
After being stranded on the island for a week, he came across cannibals and people in cages. He fled.
That night the film crew flew away.

Moving On

"It's her first death anniversary. Have you moved on?"
"I guess so." He shrugged.
But her cupcakes that lay in the freezer said otherwise.

Eagle Eye
"OMG! A DSLR?" She exclaimed in awe.
"Now, you can finally capture all your memories vividly."
The diary, hidden in her closet, took offence.

The Good Boy
“He's such a good boy with his shirt all buttoned up,” his colleagues crooned.
The hickies underneath were proof of how good he really was.

Wishful Thinking
As the rain disguised my tears, I stood, in black, silently staring at her. Her bruises were deep and fatal. I wish my pain could end too.

The Spectacle
I sat in the audience as they slipped a noose around her neck. She struggled for two minutes. It was better when they lit that man on fire.

He should’ve been a better listener and known how she’d felt.
The entire world knew now. She blogged her breakups.

The Hangman
"You're sweet." She ruffled his hair.
His heart raced faster.
"Hang on." She got a text from her boyfriend.
He spent an eternity hanging on.

Under the sky, they talked, smiled and laughed together. On Skype.
They were worlds apart, but together in the big picture.

Twist of Fate
The black man spent a majority of his salary vaccinating the orphans every month. 
The yellow fever killed his only son just a month later.

They’re lying in bed. You’re the one, he says; he’s lying. I never doubted it, she says; she’s lying. They’re lying in bed.

‘Identification, please!’
*hands over the ID card*
‘I’ve been wanting to get it changed.’

He’s the reason my wife is not with me; he murdered her. But I still need to feed him the bottle daily.

"Kids just cry, poop and puke." She cried.
"You're going to love them. You'll see." Her family retorted.
Deep down she knew she never would.

Monsoon is Coming
The farmers gaped under the hot summer sun, while their crops withered. The impending black clouds made them believe in miracles again.

The commotion jolted me out of slumber. I tried to sit up, but my head hit the ceiling. I was confined. Damn! It was my funeral.

91.27 FM
Changing the radio channels, I hit 91.27 FM. 
"Go next door. Kill the old hag."
Hypnotized, I obeyed.
The police said there was no 91.27 FM.

Kids threw paper balls at him and he used them to practice sums. Poverty had taught him resource management even before he knew its meaning.

First Day at Work
I waited, with hundred others, as the orientation began. My photo flashed on the screen.
“Find him. Kill him.”
I've been running ever since.

They confiscated everything I had stolen. All they left was my child’s watch. It constantly reminded me of the time I was losing with him.

Over and Out
The voices stopped talking. Only happy thoughts occurred. Unable to find the darkness, my days as a writer ended. I'm just a normal guy now.