Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Happiness Ray

I could probably do nothing new,
I could probably do nothing true,
Enough, for you to call me vile,
But I'd stay stupid to see you smile.

I may never say it out aloud,
But at the risk of sounding cheesy,
I'll probably tell you today,
How beautiful to me, you sound.

Those hands as artistic and poised,
As the art you create and are.
You move like a healing gale in a run,
And when you talk, the world is happy and up!

You're so splendid, you define the word.
Such a pleasure to have you in my world.
A blessing by my side, petite and smart,
Everything you do has a little bit of art!

It's magic to me how you survive,
My relentless cheapness all day, everyday.
Believe me, I've seen souls strive,
But you stick to me, you stay.

Nothing is perfect, the world’s not,
I’m not perfect, you’re not,
But you’re trying the best you can,
That’s what makes you beautiful.

A morning smile that dazzles the sun,
And an evening goodbye like a warm coffee cup.
For you make every day a Sunday,
You are my happiness ray!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Childhood is becoming so real again,
We have become adamant again.
Sometimes for that Lego set to build anything,
Absolutely anything that strikes our fancy.

Childhood is on board again, or are we?
The board game called monopoly, it's still playing in our lives,
With some of us losing money, building houses, or wandering in rest houses.
While a scanty few risk jail and collect too many tickets.

Childhood is having a good time, 
Denying that Horlicks glass again or saying a blunt no to undies.
It is smiling wide as we sleep more, work less,
And hope for rains every morning for life to stall.

Childhood is sleeping through all the adversities.
As we try to accomplish more than we can,
Drink less and still vomit more, eat more than
We should, then hate being called obese.

We are doing all the wrongs, hoping that Mommy would intervene and set us straight. Wake up. Take control of your lives. Evolve.
Happy Children’s Day!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shades of You

I see your eyes in the stranger walking past,
Your piercing eyes that slay me, everyday,
Your comforting eyes that stitch me, everyday,
Your eyes that tell me myriad tales.

I see your laugh in the kid on the street,
Your laugh that tingles my heart,
I persuade her into laughing more for a while,
Blessed is she to get to momentarily play your part.

I see your charm in the woman,
Who brushed past me and smiled,
For a moment I felt I knew her,
But she was just an enigma.

I see shades of you in everything,
Hues of you in the sky, reminiscent of a Monet landscape,
Hums of you at the horizon, luring me to its enchantment,
Reminding me that beauty isn't conformed to any parameters.

Monday, November 2, 2015

What is life after death?

What is life after death?
Is it a nod after a million denials?
A place filled with all the things we once desired,
And we are led to believe we get what we deserve.

What is life after death?
Is it a family reunion?
Healthier now, back to dealing with souls of the past,
And we feel like just another day alive.

What is life after death?
Is it suspension of fears?
Maybe we can now swim without floaters,
And dive into that love we drowned into, when alive.

What is life after death?
Is it a compelling larger-than-life fantasy?
Maybe like a huge cone of ice cream that does not melt,
Or a heart full of love that does.

What is life after death?
Is it life again?
Maybe we are born into families we've hated the most,
Where we learn their ticking clogs and the cycle of being humbled continues.