Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's To My Sister

Remember every day
No matter what I've said
Here's what I'd like to say
I will always love you
Be with you till the end
When no one else is around
I will be your friend
I love my sister
and I always will
I'm proud to be your brother
that's how I feel
And someday when we're far away
And the miles keep us apart
I'm gonna whisper
I love my sister
And you'll hear it in your heart

"A Sister is God's way of proving He doesn't want us to walk alone"

Its been two years that I'm living alone with my elder bro now. Mom dad and my younger bro Afeef roz call kartey hain but I still miss them a lot.

During this time the one person whoz been a blessing to me is Shwetali Sonawane. I just dunno what would I have done without her. She has been with me through the thick & thin times. I can share anything with her & we both trust each other blindly...even before she tells me anything,i know whats she wants to tell & vice-versa. We both have redefined the relationship of brother and sister. I'll love you forever Behna.

Surabhi Ojha is another sister of mine. I fondly call her didi...we met one fine day in 12th some 8 months back and just went on talkin fer one hour. Time just flew away. The next day in college she came to me and told that everyone is linking us together. I straightaway made her my didi. She too proved to be a blessing in disguise fer me. Whenever I felt I need advise from an elder person, I call her and she always helps me. Love u loads Didi.

Surabhi aka didi

Two weeks back I met Mallika Shrivastav on orkut and within an hour, we bonded so well that she called me kiddo and I called her guruji. Over the next few days our relationship became stronger and I couldn't stop myself from calling her didi. 

Mallika aka guruji

I wrote the above poem for my 3 sisters who have become an essential part of my life. I'll always cherish each and every moment i spent with them.


Shruti Vajpayee said...

that is cuuute! yes sisters deserve all the love in the world.. coz they never forget to give it back to you :)

Rafaa Dalvi aka Mr.Charismatic said...

Thnx thnx ms. vajpayee....btw i pray my Almighty always shower his blessings on my sisters...Ameen

Arundhati-Chatterjee said...

Kol..rafaa..keep it up!o

Anonymous said...

hey this pic is gud ...... and thanx 4 remembering our love n concern 4 u .........

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