Friday, May 11, 2012

A Good Day Gone Bad

My name is Ibrahim Khan. This was the start of it all, the end of my career, the end of my life. It was just another day of my life. Sometimes, life gets boring. Same story every day. It’s a nightmare. The day started as usual with the alarm clock ringing annoyingly. I got up. As a matter of fact, I sprang back to life to live my nightmare for yet another day. I have to keep going. I have expectations. I have these high goals that I have set for myself. I have to be among the elite club of the society. I need appreciation for the work I do. And I demand respect for the person I have become. I try to grab the cornflakes that is at the top of the cupboard. I'm just able to touch my fingers when I lose my balance and fall down. Well as they say, sometimes the goals you set for yourself can be too high and trying too hard to reach them can be dangerous. However, in the end, what matters is the result.

I manage to get the box of cornflakes, with a bleeding nose, only to find it empty. Ah, this is life. The power of getting up after failures is what make you a real survivor. I see a note on the fridge which reads: "We are out of cornflakes, honey. Buy some when you get home. You are in for a surprise, sweetheart. Love you always. xoxo." I have orange juice. Lock the door behind me. I walk down the street, with my bandaged nose and greet the neighbours who politely wave back. Same story everyday. Same faces everyday. I reach the bus stop. I see the Same old lady with her dog. She politely smiles at me and I smile back. Same routine
everyday. It's like a godamned movie. Only I have seen it a hundred times before and know exactly evry second of it. And this is boring. Very boring indeed. But this is my life. This is the life I've been living for years now. And now would be a very inappropriate time to complain as I'm about to recieve a promotion which would make me the Senior Managing Director of my company.

I'm in my office cabin doing what I always do. The first hour is reserved to attend the needs of my collegues. The next three hours to either play online poker or go to my usual sex chat room and chat with random people under the name "Pussy Digger" . Right now I'm chatting with "NaughtyTeen17".

NaughtyTeen17: What are you hiding from?
Pussy Digger: The mafia. They are after me.
NaughtyTeen17: For what?
Pussy Digger: I had sex with the daughter of the Mafiaso.
Pussy Digger: Send me your picture so I know you aren't one of them.
NaughtyTeen17: One of what? Pussy Digger: The Mafia family.
NaughtyTeen17: I'm not from the Mafia.
Pussy Digger: Then send me your picture.
NaughtyTeen17: I don't want to send you the picture cause I'm too hot to handle.
Pussy Digger: Most of the Mafia are.
Pussy Digger: Then tell me what do you look like.
NaughtyTeen17: I am wearing a blue blouse, a miniskirt and two inch high heels. I work out every day, I'm toned and perfect. My measurements are 36-24-36. What do you look like?
Pussy Digger: I'm 6'3" and about 250 pounds.I wear glasses and I have on a pair of orange sweat pants and wearing a purple T-shirt with a few spots of soya sauce on it from dinner.
NaughtyTeen17: I like dirty and strange men. I want you. Would you like to screw me?
Pussy Digger: OK

My Boss enters my cabin suddenly. I minimise the chat window and desperately try to close the porn sites and the poker site. My boss takes a long breath, smiles and tells me to make myself comfortable.

Zakir: Ibrahim, you’ve worked here how long thirty years or so now, right
?Me: Yeah and it has been the best years of my life.
Zakir: I was afraid of that, as you know we have been cutting our staff and the board thinks you are becoming a liability with your age.
Me: What went wrong?
Zakir: We feel you being from an older generation will eventually become a liability.
Me: Are you firing me for being old? There has to be another way.
Zakir: No Ibrahim, we are letting you go, it’s best for all parties involved.
Me: Tell me how firing me is for my own fucking good, I mean did I screw your wife or did you screw mine and want to cover it up?
Zakir: Of course not Me. I would never do that with Helen.
Me: You son of a bitch you screwed my wife, didn’t you? My wife? When? Who the fuck do you think you are?
I jump over the desk attacking Zakir punching and kicking him. Two security officers come in and pull me off him.
Zakir: Get that fucker out of my building and if he resists beat him up.
Tonight, my wife is going to get a surprise instead of me. I storm into my apartment. Helen is watching television and doesn't even look up at me. I grab the television and throw it against the wall which explodes
sending glass and sparks everywhere.
Me: Bitch, you slept with that son of a bitch boss of mine didn’t you? You slut mother fucker. Prostitute’s daughter, look at me when I talk to you.
Helen: Our marriage isn’t working. You don’t keep me happy anymore. I get better sex from a carrot.
Me: So you fucked my fat boss because you like your men fat, ugly and dumb?
Helen: I like my men with balls and a cock.
Me: You never complained before.
Helen: Well I am now.
Me: Do you do these things to hurt me?
Helen: It’s not like that and you know it, if you weren’t so busy working all the time instead of being here with me. Let's share all our secrets. Let's not fight anymore. Let's open up. Let's be true to each other again.
Me: I have to tell you few things. I go on sex chat rooms everyday.
Helen: Oh baby, I'll start talking dirty for you again in bed.
Me: I screwed our neighbour eleven times when you had gone to visit your mom.Helen: I'm forgiving you love because you promised me you won't do this again.
Me: And when I got transferred to Ludhiana for six months. I screwed my seven colleagues every day of the week till the time I was there.
Helen: I'm happy you told me the truth. I'm not offended because even I want to tell you something. Those six months that you were in Ludhiana, I made a new friend. Your boss, Zakir. We spoke and shared many things over coffee. But then he tried to get physical with me and I didn't agree.
Me: You lying whore. You met my boss behind my back while I was out working for the two of us. I cannot share my life with a prostitute who will be deceiving me everyday.
Helen: But Ibu, hear me out.
I go into my room and pull out a handgun from my drawer. I fill it with bullets and go out. I look at my wife who stares back at me with an expression of sorrow and regret. Her gaze follows my hand and I can see horror in her eyes as she realises what I'm about to do. I empty the entire round on her. I reload the gun again. Its time I visit my boss, one final time.
I enter my office with bloody hands. People start shouting and running away. I tell them to go inside my cabin and I lock them up. I then proceed to meet my boss.
Zakir: Ibrahim?Me: You ruined my life you son of a bitch, now it’s my turn to ruin yours. It wass always the same, day in day out. I'm going fucking nuts. I worked from 7 till 4, got up ate cornflakes, drank orange juice, read the paper, had a shower then got changed and went to work. I worked 9 hours straight and then went home, showered, went to bed, and slept for six hours. It been like this all the time each and every fucking day for thirty years before you ruined it all. All I wanted to do was repeat my cycle but you had to ruin it and steal my wife so I killed her. And now you will follow her and you both can rot together in hell.
I point the gun at him and before he can make a run for it, I shoot and empty my round, sending him out of the window twenty floors below.
I take a moment to gather the consequence of my actions. And soon enough, I hear siren of the police cars below. I won't give. I won't quit. And I don't care who I hurt in the process. There is nobody waiting for me at home. I'm alone. If at all, I'm going to leave this world. It will be on my terms and conditions. I'm going to fight till the last ounce of energy left in me.
I enter my cabin and ask my colleagues 'Which one of you called the police? It was supposed to be simple in and out, now you have ruined it. And you will pay the price.' I can't control my anger anymore. I go psychotic and start shooting at them. I can hear an officer on the microphone telling me to surrender and not to hurt anyone inside. Are you kidding me? Surrender and me. Looks like the officer needs to know the person they are dealing with.
The officers all gather as swat teams dispatch around the building. News vans and helicopters arrive. Hundreds of citizens begin to crowd around the building. The officer in charge Iqbal Shaikh, a chubby police sergeant with the looks of a Polar bear, who’s been on the force 13 years walks into view. Suddenly the upper window smashes open with a body flying and landing just in front of him. The crowd jumps back in horror and gasp with the officers who are left stunned. Iqbal Shaikh grabs the microphone and barks "Listen Ibrahim, I can give you only two choices. The first is you drop the weapon, get in the elevator and come downstairs and do it quietly. Number two is you make us come in there and most likely we will kill you in the process."
The officer doesn't get it. I'm sick of it all. Fuck the officer and this whole city and everyone in it.  Let an earthquake crumble the city, let the fires rage and burn it to fucking ash. Then let let the waters rise and submerge this whole rat-infested place. It's about time somebody puts an end to this routine bullshit. Why do everyone have to compete with each other? Compete to be the best? Compete to get the best looking
partner? Compete to become the highest earner? Compete to get in the elite club of high socialites? My eyes have opened. The world as wen know is about to end. Apocalypse is upon us. And we humans are the
reason for it. We alone are at fault. Too bad I plan on killing my colleagues. At least, they won't have to witness 'The End'.
I start throwing more bodies out of the building laughing like a maniac. Suddenly, I hear a sound of blades turning in the air and then there is bright white light everywhere. Before I can do anything, a team of officers
arrive in a helicopter and break in through the window. I shoot at them but my bullets get over. A giant emerges from among the officers and knocks me cold.


I get up on a couch with sweat on my entire body. I'm in a dark room. I can make out the shadow of another person.
Me: Where am I? Why are my hands tied up?
Person: You are in a mental asylum for the criminally insane.
Me: What have I done?
Person: You have done some very bad things.
Me: I'm just tired. I don't care about anything anymore. I just want to go home. I want to have a hot bath and sit in front of the TV with a can of ice-cold beer. Is this too much to ask for?
Person: I'm glad you know finally what you want with life.
Me: Are you the Devil?
Person:  The word devil comes from "deus"which is Latin. It means God. When you speak of the devil, you speak of God. And yes, I am the Devil. And I have come to tell you that I'm proud of what you have
accomplished. It is because of people like you that I enjoy coming down to earth and create chaos wherever there is a set of rules, orders that people follow. But your workis done her Ibrahim. I can make much use out of you in Hell.
Me: Noooooooo. I don't want to go to hell.
Person: The fun has just started, my dear Ibu. Hahahahahahaha


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