Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around

'Look your enemies straight in their eyes. Let fear overcome them. Let them know that death is near. Oh yeah, if they keep staring at you, gouge out their eyeballs and eat them. Then fuck them. And once you are done fucking them, fuck them some more. Let everyone know that we are the shit. A shattered world is what they will get when they mess with us. Just make sure you lot save your assholes from them unless you want your anal cherry popped. Tonight we get revenge. Tonight we finish what I started years back. Tonight we kick the fucking invaders out of our land. Tonight 'The Partisans' shall taste the ultimate victory.' Rannvijay, the leader of The Partisans, wraps up his speech and heads into his tent.

Partisan #1: Man, that was some speech by RV. Can you feel the blood flowing in your veins? I feel as if I snorted a whole kg of blow into my nose. Im psyched.

Partisan #2: What a speech. If I liked cock, RV and I could be something.

Partisan #1: Stop it, you despo. I don’t get it. You’re a good looking guy, you could get girls. Once we are victorious, you can have any piece of ass you desire.

Partisan #2: I wonder what made RV so determined and cruel. You know every person is born with emotions. Only when your life goes through turmoil, your emotions go for a toss and you become less human.

An old partisan joins them.

Old Partisan: Well, I have been with Rannvijay since he started this rebellion against the invaders. I remember him as a kid. Always playing and messing with the other children. He was a naughty kid. But things can't always go your way. It hurts me to see what has become of him.

People start to crowd and urge the old partisan to tell them the entire incident.

The partisan takes his time and sits in a cross legged manner facing his younger companions. He lights a pipe and then starts telling them the true story of Rannvijay's past.

Twenty years back...

We resided in a small village away from war and politics. It was surrounded by forests and a waterfall. Rannvijay lived with his mother, wife Kamakshi and 4 month old daughter Kira. The Lankans were waging a war against our country. And even though we never bothered ourselves with war, the Lankans kept raiding our shops for food and other resources.

Rannvijay called for the village council and once the entire village was present, he started telling them how the soldiers were looting them and instead of just handing over their hard earned resources, they should resist them. Most of the younger villagers agreed with Rannvijay while the village elders were against his proposal. Ultimately it was decided to send an appeal to the Lankans to leave their village in peace.

Kamakshi ran to the well which was situated right in the middle of town. Drawing out enough water to fill the two buckets she had, she was thinking that her husbands birthday was drawing near when she was suddenly grabbed from behind.

"Well look what we have here boys. A pretty little angel straight from heaven." A man with sickly breath and almost black teeth grinned at her from his place looming above. She struggled against him but he just slapped her and procceded to drag her away. She kicked and screamed and threw the buckets, the water having spilled out a while ago, at there heads but nothing seemed to work.

"What are you doing to my wife?" Kamakshi heard the familiar voice of Rannvijay and felt the mans grip slacken. She wrenched herself from him and ran to her husband with tears in her eyes. "We were just gonna have a little fun." Rannvijay stepped between the approaching man and her, blocking her view of him.

He was taller than the stranger and glared at him with a sickle in his hand. The stranger huffed and walked off with his three goons lurking behind him.

"Did they hurt you?" Rannvijay asked. Kamakshi shook her head, happier to see him than she had ever been. "No, but I dropped the buckets." She chuckled along with her husband and they both got more water, each taking a bucket up the road to there house.

Dinner was a normal affair for them, his family were laughing and joking. Kamakshi was feeding the baby.

Night had fallen. Kamakshi was asleep with her baby in the crib beside her. She mumbled and turned over, her sheets bunching up around her. She heard a loud gunshot and Kamakshi was up in a second, her baby in her arms.

Rannvijay was nowhere to be seen. She ran to her mother-in-law's room. She opened the door to see her stuck under a beam, her back and legs crushed.

"Kamakshi get Kira out of here. Go." She motioned for her to leave and Kamakshi ran out of the house, not looking back. All around her there was explosions and gun fire. Not once did she stop running till she made it to a tiny shack in the middle of the forest.

She crouched down, Kira wiggling in the blanket. She heard footsteps and froze out of fear. Kira's wiggling became more intense and she started to cry.

It started small but she got louder and louder. Kamakshi knew that if she kept crying the soldiers would find them for sure. She put a hand over his mouth, to muffle her cries, and kept it on tight. The soldiers steps became farther and farther away. Kamaksi let her hand slip from her mouth.

For a moment she thought of nothing but her own breathing until she noticed that her blanket wasn't moving. She looked at her and saw she was purple. Panicking Kamakshi put her down and tried to give her CPR but it did nothing.

Kira was dead and it was her fault. Her will, which was already chipping away with the loss of her husband, mother-in-law, and village, broke. She cried silent tears on Kira and craddled her in her arms.

Kamakshi walked out of the shack with her body clutched in her hands, walking to the waterfall. The walk was long. She couldn't forgive herself for losing Kira. Death seemed a beautful option. She saw soldiers near the waterfall but she wasn't going to die on their terms. Before the soldiers could realise what was happening, Kamakshi ran to the waterfall along with Kira and took a huge leap, forever to be lost in the darkness.

Meanwhile, in the village the soldiers had all the villagers at gun point. Most of the huts were on fire. The soldiers raped the women in front of their families and didn't spare even the little daughters. They had Rannvijay tied in the village courtyard and had his mouth gagged. The guy who tried to take advantage of Kamaksha earlier that day commanded his soldiers to take whatever they can from the remaining huts and burn them.

"Well look what we have here boys. The husband of the pretty little angel sent straight from heaven. I am Antonio. I fuck those who try to fuck with me. I like fucking people but not being fucked. Villagers, your fate was sealed when this man prevented me from getting what I desired. I can't see his wife here. Go and find her, you idiots." Some soldiers went in search of Kamakshi. The village had become silent except for the sound of the burning huts.

"Silence is fucking golden. Hey asshole, you have led your villagers to doom. Shoot them."

One by one, all the villagers fall dead as the soldiers shoot them.

"What the fuck will you do now, you rusty cunt muscle? Huh. I'll tell you what you will do. Once my soldiers find your wife, I will rape her in front of you and then my entire platoon will rape her till she dies. And then I will fucking kill you, you worthless piece of rotten..."

A soldier interrupts him "Sir, his wife jumped off the waterfall, along with her baby. We tried to stop her but in vain."

"Oh so his wife just threw her life away. That coward. The villagers are dead and so is your family." He turns to the soldier. " This guy is fucked.I won't get his wife so I’m fucked too. Which means we’re all fucked. And we’re fucked in the way you like to get fucked, you homo cunt face, not fucked in the way normal people like to get fucked." Antonio shoots the soldier right between his eyes who drops dead.

"Well, Im going to think of your wife as some bad piece of pussy. Just forget that I smelled it and move on. As it is, women are like herpes sources. They come and go when and where they please. You have enough on your plate already. I'll let you live so that you become the living proof of what happens when people mess with Antonio and his lankans. Au Revoir, pal."

The soldiers let go of Rannvijay and went to their camp.

Rannvijay ran to the bottom of the waterfall and searched desperately to find the bodies of Kamakshi and Kira. He searched for hours and hours but couldn't find them. He wanted to continue his search but his body was too tired and worn out to search any further and he fell asleep.

Rannvijay dreamt that he was back with Kamakshi. She wanted to know why he stopped searching for her.

"My body betrayed me, Kamakshi. I had the will to search for you but my body wouldn't let me. I thought of you as my whole world. I really thought you were the one for me, but why Kamakshi, why did you have to die. I can't believe it, what you just did. I just can't accept it, please be alive Kamakshi, please be... please. You were my only hope, my angel to rescue me from my grief and depression. I wanted to protect you. I wanted to be your guardian angel, your knight in shining armour, your everything. I'm exaggerating again I'm sorry about that. I just can't stop thinking about you. I lost the most important part of my life and I can't live like that. My tears will never stop shedding. It will continue to flow until the day I'm done for and it will all be for you." Rannvijay burst into tears.

"Don't cry, my dear husband. I have come to ask you to seek revenge. I know you have lost everything but I don't want others to suffer as you. You can't change the world. One man can't always make things better. But you can redeem our deaths with revenge. Revenge is the best revenge."

Rannvijay woke up, knowing exactly what path lay ahead of him.

The next fortnight, Rannvijay followed the soldiers like a shadow and at night killed them off, one by one. Antonio didn't know what hit him but he didn't want to be the next victim. So he ordered a helicopter to fly him off the godforsaken place.

Rannvijay created his own army 'The Partisans' in the hope of getting his revenge and killing Antonio himself.

The old partisan ended his story as the camp around him was silent. The partisans nodded in silence, realising that tonight their leader might get his revenge if they fight for all the sacrifices and pain he has undergone.

The partisans pledge to fight till the last breath of their lives.

Suddenly there are expolsions everywhere. Rannvijay comes out of his tent and orders his army to take position and fight. Within minutes, the partisans are overpowered. They are outnumbered too.

Rannvijay calls out Antonio. Antonio motions his soldiers to stop.

Antonio: Well look what we have here boys. The leader of The Partisans. You look a little haggard. Everything all right?

Rannvijay: It’s called aging, Antonio. Not everyone can stay young by sucking the blood of the innocent.

Antonio: Your physical appearance has left you no reason to ever feel confident.

Rannvijay: You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Antonio, you are looking at the person who has made your life a living hell, past twenty years and who will kill you tonight.

Antonio: I enjoyed talking to you when your mouth was gagged, you self righteous, little cuntbag, asshole fuckface.

Rannvijay: How about you leave my partisans alone and I will go with you.

Antonio: Don't you get it? I'm going to make sure that lightning strikes twice again. I'm going to kill your army in front of you, just like I had killed your villagers and made you watch it. Then I'm going to brutally torture you to death.

Rannvijay grabs Antonio and places a long knife on his throat.

"Tell your men to drop their weapons." Rannvijay hisses. Antonio motions his soldiers to drop their weapons.

"Antonio, lightning striking twice is about as positive as Mother Teresa's AIDS test. Partisans, kill his soldiers."

The partisans make short work of the lankan soldiers and kill them. They start celebrating when suddenly there are more explosions and most of the partisans fall victim to those. The remaining partisans start running around in panic like ants as snipers hidden among the trees shoot them.

Rannvijay is left speechless. Antonio breaks free and starts laughing maniacally. Forty-fifty snipers come out of the trees to join their leader.

"Looks like your plan failed. Almost all your dedicated foolish soldiers are either injured or dead. I'm going to make your life a living hell now."

And then the injured partisans witness a sight they will never forget.

Rannvijay removed his coat, revealing lots of C4 glued to his body and dashed towards Antonio. Everyone froze in panic. Rannvijay ran and hugged Antonio whispering in his ears "What goes around, comes around." And there was a huge, monstrous explosion as Rannvijay, Antonio and the Lankans all burnt into ashes.


Five Years Later...

The partisans are all gathered around.

The day marks the fifth year of their independence.

On this special ocassion, they unveil an eleven feet golden statue of Rannvijay.

Below which it reads: Rannvijay, our leader who went out in a blaze of glory and freed us forever.


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