Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 5 Off-Beat Bollywood Movies

This week has been a historical one for Bollywood with Dhoom 3 joining the likes of Mother India, Mughal - E – Azam, Sholay and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun in the list of All-Time Blockbusters and earning Rs 500 crores plus in a span of just 3 weeks. While 2013 saw Chennai Express overtaking 3 Idiots, Krrish 3 overtaking Chennai Express and now Dhoom 3 overtaking every Bollywood movie in terms of gross collections. No doubt, this is a new era in Bollywood with movies re-writing history every quarter but there has been another subtle development. Filmmakers have become bolder and have started experimenting with off-beat movies. Guaranteed that most of the movies in the 100 crore club are remakes of the South movies but there exists a group of filmmakers who want to be known for their quality work rather than the box-office records of their movies.

Over the years, we have seen critically acclaimed movies have a dismal showing in the box-office but they attain cult status when released on DVD or show on television. I’m going to mention my top favorite 5 off-beat movies which blew my mind away.

5. Mumbai Matinee

Mumbai Matinee (2003) is a romantic comedy in which Rahul Bose (Debu Chatterjee) stars as a 32 year old virgin.  Having kept all women at a respectable distance all along, he finds himself in his thirties and still a virgin. Not able to tolerate such a barren existence anymore he decides to take help from Baba Hindustani (Vijay Raaz), with hilarious consequences. Despite being a virgin, he ends becoming a porn star and a repeated sex offender. When Rahul Bose hits rock bottom, he gets rescued by Perizaad Zorabian and romance blooms between the two. Despite the comical absurdity maintained throughout the movie and the movie being a bit of a drag, it does make a point about how taboo an issue sex is in the Indian society.

4. No Smoking

No Smoking (2007) is abstract art at its best. Anurag Kashyap (probably the best Indian director after the great Satyajit Ray) has always made movies in his own different way. This movie is no different. The protagonist K (portrayed by John Abraham) is a narcissist chain smoker who joins an institution after his wife (portrayed by Ayesha Takia) threatens to leave him. Little did K know that joining the Prayog Shala, a tyrannical institution, to get rid of his addiction would change his life forever. While John Abraham pulled off a commendable performance, it was Paresh Rawal who steals the show away. This movie is an eye-opener and has a clear message. People would definitely think 10 times before lighting the next cigarette. ‘No Smoking’ is an unbelievably dark classy cult movie which deserves to be watched and appreciated by the masses.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Vote For India- Be The Change

With the 2014 Indian General Elections looming around the corner, it was inevitable that the social media would end up watching the progress of different political parties with keen interest. In recent years, despite the high turnout of voters, a vast majority of the citizens still exist who show a callous attitude towards voting. Numerous arguments are presented by both the voters and the non-voters when confronted regarding their stand. But a third category of citizens also exist- the ignoramus mass. 
The ignoramus masses aren’t bound to a particular age group and they’re the root cause for the slow social and economic progress of our nation. But with the advent of social media, this can be changed drastically. By targeting the youth, one can motivate them to do the needful for the motherland and cast their votes.
Numerous social apps and widgets can be used to encourage voting. 11 such mobile apps are as follows:

1. Angry Citizens
A new version of the Angry Birds saga where the citizens get the opportunity to throw dung at the politicians. With higher levels, the politicians turn sneakier and are able to dodge the dung bombs thus implying that the deeper one gets into politics, the more vicious the cycle becomes. This game which would feed on the nation’s rage and in turn motivate them to hit the booths.

2. Vote Bank
An app which is run by the spokespersons of different political parties wherein they get an opportunity to campaign and ride on their past laurels, discuss their upcoming events and try to garner more votes for their respective parties.