Friday, June 6, 2014

Loss of Innocence

The truth I beheld is no more around,
The movement of wings is on the other way bound,
The young eyes which watched the little ants moving on a trail,
The adult pride has lost the craze.

The flower with crimson peals,
The butterfly standing akimbo on the pollen;
My eyes don't see it anymore,
Dishonesty and distrust is what I see even more.

The rosy picture which everyone showed,
The lovely smiles which everyone sparkled,
The words of endearment and love proclaimed,
Was as if just for the visible face.

My soul was strained by the continuous shattering of promises broken,
The innocence was lost,
Innocence in eyes which smiled,
Innocence of words which were said when meant.

The child round the corner,
I beg you to fill the air again with the clustering laughs,
To bring back the innocence,
Which we as adults have lost.

Published in the anthology 'Confessions of a Heart'.