Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hair Growth Supplement

“Take only half a tablet at a time,” the doctor prescribed. “Stick to maximum one in a day. Patience is the key.”
“It’s a supplement. Take one, then another,” the friend suggested. “For crying out loud, you can’t just take one and hope for a miracle.”
“You’re an adult. You got to increase the dosage. Pop at least two at one go,” the enemy conspired. “Think of it as Crocin.”
“Sixty tablets gone so far and still no visible change. Ignore everyone else. Listen to me,” the wife nagged. “Try two after breakfast. Two more after dinner.”


Anonymous said...

A nagging wife is worse than the enemy? Is that what you are getting at? If not that, then I don't get it.

Rafaa Dalvi said...

Tried to portray how different people react to the problems of their closed ones. Everyone thinks their advice is better than the one given by others. Hope this helps.

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