Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dumb Girls

Michelle and Samantha were two nineteen year old girls on an adventure to Europe, first stop, Paris.
They landed in the main international airport and were shocked at how clean the airport was. As soon as they stepped into arrivals, they were bombarded with locals providing taxi services, trips around the country, the list was endless. But it was the trips that caught their attention. They wanted to see as much as possible inside the three weeks they had.
Michelle headed for a guy holding up a “trips see everything!” sign. He looked dark, sultry and confident, just Michelle's type.
‘Are you looking for adventure ladies? Cheap trips for beautiful ladies,’ he said and stared at 'em admiringly.
‘Let me handle this,’ Samantha whispered to Michelle.
‘Hi dude,’ Samantha returned. Her smile wavered as his piercing black eyes looked at 'em up and down, like a human x-ray.
‘Welcome to Paris.’  Samantha looked at him and he continued to speak enthusiastically ‘What do you think ladies, do you want to have the time of your lives?'. He gave 'em a wink.
Samantha looked over at Michelle who had a dreamy dazed look in her eyes. Samantha had a good feeling about this guy and wanted to go right at him then and there.
He looked extremely comfortable and had this amazing smile plastered to his face, the two didn’t seem to match.
‘Let me escort you to your hotel ladies,’ he offered. He picked up the luggage and started walking towards the car park. Samantha walked close behind him to get a look at his caboose. She was relieved at what she saw.
Michelle couldn't control her hormones. She was frustrated at being called a virgin her entire college life. Who better to deflower her then the hawt guy sitting ahead.
When they reached his rusty silver jeep, They hesitated and told him, 'Why not take us to a secluded place where we will show you how outrageous we American teens can turn out to be.'
He gave an evil malicious grin and drove 'em down street after street as they couldn't help but go weak in their knees.
He pulled over by an abandoned building. ‘We’re here’ he deviously chuckled to himself. Suddenly both back passenger doors flew open and two huge guys on each side grabbed 'em from the jeep into a warehouse.
Both were shocked but realised that their bags were still in the jeep and all of the men were in the room with them. They weren’t after their possessions then. They understood that this was going to be the trip of their lifetime. They started checking out the other huge guys and liked what they saw.
‘What do you want from us?’ Samantha teased them. Michelle, on the contrary, was just staring at them with lust.
Girls,’ the guide said with a sly smile, ‘I hope you have a couple of kidneys to spare.’ Again he chuckled, more like the devil this time.
The girls were confused, kidneys? What did he mean by kidneys? They then thought that these men liked roleplaying. They didn't want to come across dumb. So they started playing along with them. They started giving fake screams as they were pushed into another room which had a scalpel and other blunt instruments lying on the floor on a red towel. Blood decorated the floor and walls. They realised that they were not the only girls who had came over here earlier as this place looked like it was being used from months. This turned them on.
The guys tied them to a stretcher. The girls started screaming, kicking and shouting and ultimately realised that they really did want their kidneys. It was too late. Michelle was pissed off that she will still remain a virgin while Samantha started thinking about her family when they felt a heavy blow to their heads and heard the devil chuckle for the last time.

Moral of the Story: Women cease to use their common sense when they want to get laid and they end up complaining that men take advantage of them.


Anonymous said...

ihahahahahahahaha......fucking awesome...!!! nice work...!!! u fuhgot to mention abt d research done by scientists abt d brain for a gal....ihaha...

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

this one was biased and extreme.
You can't relate this to every woman who wants to get laid.I'm sure guys could be stupider,when they're erect. :P

Rafaa Dalvi aka Mr.Charismatic said...

ya man I forgot that :P

Rafaa Dalvi aka Mr.Charismatic said...

Did you just say that men act stupid when erect? You'll come to know the opposite when its time :P

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