Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Honeysweetdimples!!

Today we mark our first year together
I'm glad to always have you near.
Its been a year since 'You' and 'I' became 'We'
And all I wanna say is Happy Anniversary, Honey.

Each morning I see your face
It makes my heart race.
When it happened, it never made any sense
And all I can recall is you breaking my fence.

Whenever I look into your eyes
I know I've been given the ultimate prize.
Quite honestly, I can't get enough of you
And there is nothing I can do.

I love you now as much as I did before
On second thought, I love you even more.
I knew nothing could part us when you came near
And whispered 'I Love You' in my ear.

We might fight once in a while
But it always ends in a smile.
For I have found my soulmate
And now its time to celebrate.

This past year has been extra special to me
The only guy you'll ever want to be with is me.
You are my greatest treasure
And I'll love you, always and forever.

Happy Anniversary My Honeysweetdimples!!


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