Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second Chance

Sometimes it hurts to die, sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it hurts to just stay alive. All one needs to survive is one person who truly loves him/her.

The world is a small place, there are no true lovers, there are no soul mates. He stares at the woman who once upon a time he thought was his world. He remembered the way his fingers would curl at the soft hairs just at the nape of her neck while they made love. He had delighted in her warm skin, her sensuous laugh and her ebullience. His world was shrunk into tears now. Tears for himself, tears for his wife, tears for the woman who had made his life a prison.

The world is a small place. He just wants to be at her side and she before his. He wants to go back, to see her smile, to feel her lips upon his own. He dozes off and dreams that he is running but is unable to reach the right place.


The next day, Aaron took his keys and got in his Beetle, hoping to get away from Sarah. Away from everybody.

The road stretched out before him. The windows were rolled down and there was a nice breeze. The music player was on in the background and Aaron felt like he could finally breath.

Just then his cell phone rang, he figured it could wait. His phone stopped ringing only for it to ring again a second later. Aaron frowned.

Before he had the chance to pick up, he felt something crash into his side, causing his car to roll and the last thing he remembered was his head banging against the wheel so hard he felt something trickle down from his forehead before his eyes got closed and darkness engulfed him.

What Aaron never found out was that it was actually Sarah trying to reach him.


"He should be coming around soon. I'll be back to check on him later." Aaron heard an unfamiliar voice say and then silence. Who was the guy talking to?

He opened his eyes to see an unfamiliar face staring at him. "Aaron" The brunette gasped breaking into a relieved smile. "I'm so glad you're awake."

Aaron looked at her again, trying desperately to recall her but no name came to mind. Who was she? Where was he?

"Who are you?" Aaron asked the brunette girl, she looked taken aback and he felt something pang in his heart at the heart broken look on her face "Do I know you?" Aaron asked again.

"You were in a car accident last week and it was pretty bad Aaron. What do you remember?" Sarah asked tentatively.

"I can't remember anything." Aaron said looking at her.

"I'm Sarah." Sarah said "Your wife."

Aaron avoided looking at Sarah, he felt guilty. Guilty for not remembering her.

"A truck driver lost control of his wheel for a second, before he could regain control he'd already smashed into your car, you were knocked straight into a tree." Sarah recalled the details.

"Hey, hey it's okay." Sarah said as Aaron tears started flowing down his cheeks.

"No it isn't, I don't remember anything. Just ten minutes ago I found out why I'm in here. I found out I have a wife whom I can't even remember." Aaron snapped letting more tears fall.

"We'll get through this. We always have overcame obstacles together." Sarah said soothingly taking hold of one of his hands.

"I don't even know where I work, or if I even have a job. I don't remember anything about us." Aaron moaned.

"You work in a law firm. We were like any other couple. We had our fights, when we fought it lasted for days. We're both stubborn. When we're not like fighting, we're as happy as we can be." Sarah chuckled running her hand through his hair.

"Does it hurt?" she asks timidly, breaking the solemn silence.

She kisses the side of his head, caressing him gently as he speaks, "Truth be told, it hurts a lot."

She sobs against his chest, her tears leaving a wet streak against his skin.

Yes it did hurt. The pain might have been his to feel, but she felt it too. For the last one week, it hurt her everyday to wake up without him, to go through her days without talking to him. It hurt to go to bed every night, to her cold empty bed, without his arms wrapped around her, without him whispering 'I love you' as her body succumbed to sleep.


A week later Aaron is discharged from the hospital with strict orders to stay at home for the next few months.

He looks around, in this place called 'home'. There were pictures of Sarah and him on various outings.
"I still feel terrible." Aaron admitted as he picked a particular photo up of him and Sarah. They were younger, perhaps 20?

"That was your favourite one of us." Sarah smiled fondly and looked almost expectant as if she was hoping his memory would come back right that very instant.

"I want to go to the bathroom." Aaron said, needing to get away from Sarah.

Aaron was about to leave the room when it occured to him that he didn't know the location of the bathroom.

"Where is the bathroom?" Aaron asked and Sarah shook her head.

"Down the hall." Sarah answered and Aaron made way to the bathroom.


"How you holding up sweetheart?" Sarah asked softly, entering his room.

"I just want to be able to remember things again. I feel like a helpless kid." Aaron admitted bitterly.

"It's going to take some time Aaron but you will get your memories back." Sarah promised. Though she was hoping to God she was right as the doctor said it was almost impossiible of that ever happening.

"You know, tomorrow is Saturday and Saturday is date night." Sarah lied as she snuggled into him.

Aaron instantly freezed, feeling awkward. "Oh" Aaron said wondering where this was going.

"Yeah, since it was my turn to plan date night, I chose a simple dinner and a movie." Sarah explained.

"Sounds fun." Aaron replied then withdrew his arm and shuffled away gently from Sarah.

Sarah couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit of rejection at the action.

"I'm sorry. It's weird, touching someone I don't know." Aaron apologised.
Sarah sighed.

"I'll go sleep on the couch." Aaron said trying to get out of bed but Sarah caught his wrist.

"No. We'll just put some cushions between us." Sarah offered and after a moments thought Aaron nodded in agreement.

After putting a couple cushions between them they lay in silence.

"Goodnight." Aaron said before turning on his side, away from Sarah.

"Goodnight." Sarah whispered turning on her side, facing Aaron's back. She missed the old Aaron already.


"Dinner is ready to be served." Sarah announced.

She lit candles between them as they sat down the dining table.

"This chicken is simply fabulous. I don't mind eating my fingers too when the food gets over." Aaron exclaimed after his first bite, the compliment made Sarah blush lightly.

"Thank you." Sarah replied with a smile.

"You're an amazing cook. What did I do to deserve you?" Aaron asked, Sarah recognised the playful tone in his voice.

"It was your geeky and caring nature that won me over." Sarah answered with a soft smile. Aaron gave his trademark smile that made Sarah go weak in her knees. They ate the rest of their dinner with the occasional chit chat.

"How about a game of poker before the movie?" Sarah suggested.

"Are you prepared to lose?" Aaron teased her.

"It's on." Sarah smirked.

"Promise me you won't cry like a girl when I beat you." Sarah grinned.

Aaron was losing badly to his wife.

"You didn't tell me how good you were!" Aaron protested.

"I told you I was good." Sarah pointed out.

After Sarah had won the game, she picked out "Casablanca" to watch. They sat on the couch with a large bag of popcorn between them. Not half an hour into the film, Sarah reached over to take hold of his hand. He saw her smile when he accepted the gesture.

After the movie, Sarah told Aaron that she had a surprise for him and showed him their wedding album. For the next few hours, she told him everything about them. How they met, how they fell for each other, how he proposed to her after many failed attempts, their wedding preparations and the wedding. She conveniently avoided the part where their marriage was in trouble before his accident.
Then they watched their wedding video together.

Soon Aaron fell asleep, his head in Sarah's lap as she ran her fingers through his hair with a soft smile on her lips as she watched the ending of the video.

It's been 7 years since the accident. Aaron still hasn't got his memory back. But he fell in love with Sarah again. And now they live in happiness and harmony.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

- Carl Bard


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