Friday, November 9, 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever

"You are still not listening to me. I have ten more minutes and then I have to be at home." Zeba said, still glaring. It wasn't that she didn't like Varun, it's just that her home wasn't the kind of home you'd go telling someone about. Her mom would kill him and more importantly her, if she brought him home. And Zeba was the first person to tell you she got enough drunken late night beatings from whatever boyfriend her mom happened to drag home that night. She loved him, even though he always got under her skin and pissed her off. She looked at her watch, hell bent on not giving in, but with each passing second, her resolve grew weaker.

Varun watched Zeba. He knew she couldn't hold out much longer. He also knew that she was the most stubborn chick in Mumbai. He'd complained about this fact a million times to his older brother Siddarth, who'd encouraged him not to give up. He'd explained it as, "Chicks, bro, chicks just have to know that you'll be there, no matter what. Especially Zeba." Everytime Varun thought of  all the hurt Zeba went through everyday, his resolve to stay with her would become stronger.

Zeba heard something she couldn't argue with. He blurted out her biggest secret and used it against her. Hearing from someone else what she has to go through at home, brought out a rush of emotions she wasn't equipped to deal with. Zeba was the type of girl who pushed down her anger and fear and hatred, seething in it, until it consumed her and then she would go bonkers. But lately, she has had a harder time diffusing. She blamed Varun and her growing attraction to him for this. Cursing loudly, she ran past him screaming "WHAT PART OF 'NO' DIDN'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Zeba went to her home where as usual she saw her mom with another guy. She was pissed but had no clue what to do. On such ocassions, she found peace in praying. She would pray for hours, asking Almighty to rid her off her problems and keep her sane, till she fell asleep.

She woke up with a very bright light outside the window. She saw Varun standing outside. She opened the window, hair flying with the wind, a cold shiver shaking her body a little.

"Come", was the only word Varun said.

Zeba grabbed her morning gown from the chair and wore it. Then she carefully descended the fire ladder and jumped on the grass.

Varun took her hand. His eyes were locked on hers as he walked her further away from the house, on a path leading to the road. Zeba wasn't scared at all. The night air had become gentle and she didn't feel cold anymore, not with him.

They walked a while in silence and stopped near an old abondoned car. With just one glance, Zeba understood what he wanted to do. They got in the car, closed the doors and she watched as he started the engine, all the while his face remained emotionless. They drove through the night, listening to radio and enjoying the atmosphere. It was not quite like Zeba had imagined it would be, but nevertheless it was exactly how she wanted it to be. She had many dreams about him, all fragile and soon forgotten. But this, oh, this was something she would remember. While Zeba tried to decide between dreams and reality, she concluded this was the latter.
"Is this real?"  Zeba asked wanting to be sure. Varun looked at her.

"Do you know where we are going?"  he asked. Zeba nodded.

"And do you know why I am here?" Zeba nodded again.

"Then you also know the answer."

He stopped the car in the middle of the road,  with the moon in her full beauty glowing in the night. Varun turned and kissed her. Zeba didn't flinch. She didn't move. She just remained still. Varun looked in her eys and kept on talking. 

" Your eyes, your hair, your lips
The Almighty couldn't have done a more impeccable job
I just knew to walk
It was you who showed me where my destination lies
I just knew to walk
It was you who showed me to find light in darkness
You have snatched me from myself
My breath, my heartbeat, my life
Have all became a stranger to me
I need to ask you something now
If possible, give me a little place in your heart
If not, give me the permission to die for you
I love you Zeba and always will. "

Zeba just smiled and said, "Varun, you are as beautiful as a raven, wrong in all the ways but still the only right for me. I don't know when and how I got intoxicated by you. I just know that it never takes you long to make me smile. I've never found anyone this irresistible and you are not a dream. Because if you were, then I am one too."

Varun scrutinised Zeba for a long time. Then he smiled at her and gave her a long hug. The moment passed. Zeba closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

Zeba woke up early morning and remembered every detail of her dream earlier. She smiled, realising that whatever problems she may have in her life. She has a solution too. Varun is her solution. No matter what she goes through, Varun is there for her. He tolerates her mood swings, her childishness, her rude behaviour at times, her everything. He is the only constant in her chaotic life. The Almighty answered her prayers when he sent Varun in her life. Now she has a wide smile and knows what needs to be done. Zeba will still have to come here every night, but just knowing that if she survives the night, she will meet Varun is all she needs to exist. It is true what they say 'Nothing Lasts Forever'.


Fatima said...

It's true nothing lasts forever, we should always seize the moment and live in never know when the one you love, leaves you or worst abandons you..hope you don't plan on writing a sequel on it :P

Lovely write up!

Take Care

Rafaa Dalvi aka Mr.Charismatic said...

Thanx for your feedback. No sequel planned as of now :P

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