Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Till Death Do Us Apart

Shawn was an enigma to Ariana.

From the second he met her, he managed to crawl his way right into her heart, where he resided peacefully and comfortably.

It started off cold, with her rejecting him at first, thinking he was nothing but a crazy fool who had literally put his own life in danger just so she'd agreed to go out with him.

She still remembers the conversation that happened.

'If you're expecting me to go out with you, then I'll have to tell you straight. You are not the right guy for me. I want a man, not a boy who thinks he can... Now let go of my hand. You are not the right guy for me.'

But then Shawn did the most bizarre thing ever which made her changed her mind. He jumped off the seat of his car and started crossing the crowded road backwards, with the vehicles driving by, just looking at her and asking her to go on a date with him.

She had no other option but to accept his request. She had no idea though that her life had changed forever with her acceptance.

On their first date, they held onto each other close and danced with other couples while a band played a soft number. It rapidly began to grow from there throughout their summer together. It was sweet and fun and passionate and exciting and beautiful and every other amazing feeling one could ever feel.

And then as the summer came to an end, their dream broke and reality dawned on them.

Shawn was in the Air-Force and his holidays were over. He had to leave in five days.

Ariana made a decision. She ran towards him, into Shawn's open arms and embraced him. It was like a dream. A perfect, romantic dream. Only this moment was even better because it wasn't a dream. It was reality and it was happening right now. She was here, in his arms, hugging him tightly. He felt her body quivering against his own, and he knew right away that she was crying. He squeezed her tighter, slowly rubbing his hands up and down her back. He could feel his t-shirt getting wet with her tears, but he didn't care. She was there with him. They would be together forever. He knew this because his heart told him.

He slowly pulled away from her and she looked up at him, her eyes red and glassy. Yet, despite that, she looked beautiful. Just like always. He smiled at her warmly before leaning down and gently pressing his lips against her forehead.

Ariana went down on one knee and asked 'Will you marry me, Shawn Racener?'

Shawn nodded and recited a poem

'I love you, as you love me,
Forever you will live in my memory.
Our love is a rope, forever strung by a tether,
And darling, we will always be together.'

She buried her face in his chest, never wanting this moment to end. It was a symbol of their love. Powerful and everlasting.

They got married the next day and within a few days, Shawn left to serve his motherland.

Five months later

Ariana clutched the piece of worn paper tightly in her hand, her lips curving up in a small smile as she read the carefully written message inside.

Dear Ariana,
The weather here is the type cold that chills your bones. Making friends is hard. Yesterday I had beer with two pilots. Today, their planes were shot down and they both died. The only place I find sanctuary is here, writing to you. I miss you so much and crave for the day when I will be with you once again.

The words brought hot tears to her eyes and she blinked them back furiously. She had promised herself that she would be strong for him. But God, she missed him so much. She yearned for him to take her into his arms once again and kiss her.

Outside, she could hear the gentle whirring of a car motor in the driveway. She pushed herself off the couch and stumbled to the door. She pulled the door open, blinking as the bright sunlight blinded her.

A broad grin emerged on her face as she recognized the General's sturdy figure in the driveway. She opened her mouth to invite him in but his expression stopped her. His face was taut with pain and she could see the tears shimmering in his eyes. What was going on? Behind him, a military car stood, imposing.

She felt her knees give out under her as she realized what had happened. She heard a hoarse, inhuman cry and then realized it was her own. She covered her mouth with a trembling hand.

The General was at her side in a moment. His arms encircled her and she sagged into his shoulders. Hot tears flowed freely down her cheeks as a solitary thought ran through her mind.

He was gone. Gone Forever.


Arundhati Chatterjee said...

Actually this is the third time that I am reading this one. And yes I didn't skip a single line. That should suffice as an appreciative comment I guess

the little princess said...

u had me glued to every single word! ur an amazing writer Rafaa!

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Rafaa Dalvi said...

I'm glad I could do that :)

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