Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top 10 Six Word Stories

I'm writing a 'story' post after a seven month writing hiatus. But let me tell you beforehand, these stories are not mine. Instead of penning down stories myself, I've been reading a lot lately and I was amazed by the brilliance of the following stories.

1. Strangers. Friends. Best Friends. Lovers. Strangers.

2. The smallest coffins are the heaviest.

3. 'Just Married!' Read the shattered windshield.

4. An only son. A folded flag.

5. "Passengers! This isn't your captain speaking."

6. Brought roses home. Keys didn't fit.

7. Jumped. Then I changed my mind.

8. "It's our fiftieth, table for one."

9. "What's your return policy on rings?"

10. I met my soul-mate. She didn't.


Aayesha Hakim said...

Creative much, Rafaa!
here's an award for you- Simply because how rarely do you update your blog, I still never miss reading you! :)

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