Saturday, November 14, 2015


Childhood is becoming so real again,
We have become adamant again.
Sometimes for that Lego set to build anything,
Absolutely anything that strikes our fancy.

Childhood is on board again, or are we?
The board game called monopoly, it's still playing in our lives,
With some of us losing money, building houses, or wandering in rest houses.
While a scanty few risk jail and collect too many tickets.

Childhood is having a good time, 
Denying that Horlicks glass again or saying a blunt no to undies.
It is smiling wide as we sleep more, work less,
And hope for rains every morning for life to stall.

Childhood is sleeping through all the adversities.
As we try to accomplish more than we can,
Drink less and still vomit more, eat more than
We should, then hate being called obese.

We are doing all the wrongs, hoping that Mommy would intervene and set us straight. Wake up. Take control of your lives. Evolve.
Happy Children’s Day!


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