Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shades of You

I see your eyes in the stranger walking past,
Your piercing eyes that slay me, everyday,
Your comforting eyes that stitch me, everyday,
Your eyes that tell me myriad tales.

I see your laugh in the kid on the street,
Your laugh that tingles my heart,
I persuade her into laughing more for a while,
Blessed is she to get to momentarily play your part.

I see your charm in the woman,
Who brushed past me and smiled,
For a moment I felt I knew her,
But she was just an enigma.

I see shades of you in everything,
Hues of you in the sky, reminiscent of a Monet landscape,
Hums of you at the horizon, luring me to its enchantment,
Reminding me that beauty isn't conformed to any parameters.


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