Saturday, February 6, 2016

Too Long

I've been loud for too long, I've seen
That you notice me when I'm gone.
It's now that I shall recede into my 
Own skull, I need to live there too.

I've been there for you for too long,
Now you be there for my moods,
They'll swing, the rope might break,
But you need to be headstrong.

I've been noisy for too long, I can 
See it from the curtains that draw
Away from me, when I reach
My window, they need me no more.

I've been colorful for too long, I feel
That the world needs some grey,
It couldn't always take grey they say
Like I've grown so used by its ways.

I've been in notice for too long,
Now miss me a little, ask for me.
Take that scarf I left, and sniff it
Like that pet that doesn't recognize your smell.

I've been singing for too long, and
I won't allow you another moment
Of my voice ringing in your ears.
Let your ears yearn for my breath.

I've been around for too long, always
Like that little kid you call out to
When you need help with pushing
Your car, go start with ignition now.

I've been roaming the nights too long,
The night needed a companion one night,
So I gave a hand, it never left me.
Now I need to sleep, night is now an insomniac.


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