Tuesday, February 16, 2016


You stirred madness into a life so sane,
And I dwelled in the mess you made.
But I never gave up believing we were meant to be.
You were a poem I forgot to rhyme.

You filled me with awe, you struck me like thunder.
Not a clue of the damage you brought to my land.
And priestly, you'd say it was meant to be.
You were a storm I forgave too soon.

You crouched in the sun and you roared in the rain.
It was only my eyes that could capture you still.
Restless and painful, you were a childhood fever.
You were a void I couldn't fill.

You stumbled over vast nothingness,
Often skating smooth over boulders crude.
All that couldn't be measured or gauged,
You were a riddle I couldn't solve.

You skinned my characters down to the nude,
Challenging my force and killing choices of habit.
I was often led to a reality I wanted to live.
You were the story I had no fight in me to write.


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