Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Soulmates are Forever!

When we meet our soulmate, we fall in love, and just keep falling like it’s our first week in Paris. But what happens when the love dies? When we see the same thing, again and again, we lose interest. And we do the only thing we know best, we run. We try to fall in love with strangers and it works, for a while; we fall in love with the moments and the thing that attracted us about them in the start also becomes the reason we drift away from them.

We keep running until our cold feet can, only to realize we’ve been bleeding and that’s when we feel the pain. It’s the heartache we have avoided for so long. We are still in love with our soulmate. We try to find out how they’re doing and it just adds up to the guilt trip. We turned our back to the most amazing thing that ever happened to us and left without looking back. We made them this way. Nobody prepares us for the guilt of breaking someone’s heart. Nobody teaches us how to heal something we broke. But it’s only when we decide that we have to stay and fight for our love, will good things happen.



Very well written :)

Rafaa Dalvi said...

Thanks a lot Alaina :)

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