Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Riddler In Batman 3

The 1st two installments of Christopher Nolan's Batman series are deeply focused on the development of Batman and how he affects society. In the third installment, Batman is on the run and a part of a cover up that is protecting Harvey Dent's misdeeds as Two Face. Joker is in prison and the only person, other than Fox and Alfred, that knows Batman's true identity is Reese. Reese failed to cash in on Bruce Wayne on two attempts.I have a feeling that he will help The Riddler know about Batman's true identity.

Batman has more skeletons in the cupboard now than ever before and this may give any new villain more leverage over Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Riddler would have to be reinvented to make him a hero to the public and an untouchable criminal mastermind that is more intelligent than Batman. He will have to succeed in a way that the Joker never could.

One thought is that any clues/evidence used to discover the Riddler's crimes and arrest him will also reveal Batman's identity and the Two-Face cover up. He could try to destroy Bruce Wayne instead of Batman and bring down Wayne Enterprises financially. He creates riddles/crimes that cannot be solved without dire consequences to Batman and society.

In short,we might be looking at the ultimate villain ever in Riddler, if his character is built up in such a manner that he will hold a leverage over Batman that nobody ever had and he will be an expert in mind games, even overshadowing Hannibal Lecter. I hope that either Johhny Depp or Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory fame) portray the role of  The Riddler.



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